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Donnerstag, 8. März 2018

Poetry: Purple Heart

purple heart purple heart
starting sharp
if to be a nothing 
it is to be a part

keep on party
the every start
party on net and
keep it so dark

rocking the net
keep on turning the head
be the star of your own life
keep on partying gimme five

pumping on the net to rise
color means the will to live
let it out and do the jive
for a living i loved to trip

the whole scale is purple on
until we rock behind the moon
jupiter i say is our next
if littleflash we say checkst

go on with yourself right now
it was over but see somehow
what you have is what you got
turn the world with a little dot

the less you have 
the less you loose
never been better choose
hold on tight what you like

every step you take
make it sure 
the color is faith
our being is for sake

whats your mind 
your real will be
colorful or nothing to see
bring your energy in to be

take the purple moonlight soon
we will ride together from moon
sisterstars are greeting us
we the purple minds and stars

Purple Color from red and blue
is for Peace and Understatement too
When the Color was no Future
I did the Wall through vanish truther

Till sunrice again the purple Morning
like the evening i saw it dawning
Purple Sky oh Purple Sky
we do a little color in our stile

always color on your side
was the sence of being bright
red for winner purple for peace
I do my little what I please

Dancing singing poetry slam
ongoing lovley hearts for them
color will be the hope for us all
black is backing the life in tall

English Article

No Matter Jack Radics

 Milky Way


Hans Hartz - Sail Away

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