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Sonntag, 8. April 2018

Modern Classic and they call me vale like exellent

Rob Dougan Clubbed to Death modern Culture in Sound - Hope of Music
One ist called "vale"

My Internet-Name is vale - explained - vale like exellent

Kurzadresse: valere.cracker.info

Vale https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drS-ZX37Dg8
The Return https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jG0kCHhriNU
Frescobali´s Toccata https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7jrNXan3n8
Vale Vale https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-O5vrgz_i0
Vale nur für die Gang https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_A9SnKFLG_o
I give myself a Name after Dissapointement about my Family and ongoing Search of Sense to Be and a Friend. My Hope started in Rembembering for Karl Valentin - he inspired me to Name myself like that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FR0eOz1KQU
Valentin was the smoothest sounding Surename in Films I heard of in English. Valentins-Day is something about Love i Thought - but the Merril Twins said - there he was about to Die.

Kurzübersicht / Short-View in German for the Latin Word in German

valere: Einfluss haben, gesund sein, Macht haben, stark sein, wert sein - die Erreichung

Some Things seem to be interconnected:

Va (werden auf rumänisch) Le (Der auf französisch) vale
Valley a small Land in Bavaria and Dale in English
Wales important Land of Britannia
Wallis Switzerland
Wal a big Fish in the Ocean in German
"Wahl" like to Vote in English
"Walten" like the Hegemony of Something
"Wald" the Forest
Walden like a University or a Book from Henry David Thoreau about living in the Woods
Volt like Amper
vault "Gewölbe" some nice part of a Building
Valerianus the Romanian Emperor 253-260
Valerian Surename to be healty and strong
Valerier or Valerius is an ancient patricien House
Valentianus a Swizzer Name
"wallen" like to go very Happy in German
Walachei - a Corner of Europe in the East Rumania
Wall - hard to take area of a Castle in German
the Wall - no Comment
"wal" - franconian - the Because of "weil" just to write it - auf weahnendem Grund feiern wir gruenbeitrag.wahrheitssuche.org unseren Sieg - wie wo was war wann wal das fränkische "weil".
valer portuguese to be Worthy or Useful
They call me val-(e) now - well very well - spoken "wahl(e)" in German - I heard a Ale to the World.
valere ich würde es auf Deutsch die "Erreichung" auch übersetzen wollen.
icaesar vale

vale the well

I widness this Entry to a russian Forest knowing Man - I like to call him Widumir and I think of him Sometimes - it is like to see him at a Fireplace in the Russian Forest - I´d like to be a Friend.

PS:"War da nicht die "WA" in Generäle - ich glaube ich träume mein Herz hat wie gefröhnt. Meinte ich fast w.w.w. in wal wahle will für mich zu deuten - denn zwei Kasten (TV und Netz) sind besser für immerdar jetzt."

Der Wiederaufleben Beitrag in Musik für gutes Gemüt

Ein echter vale 

Smetana Moldau

Four Seasons

Classic Chillout

Loreena McKennitt zum entspannen

Baroque Music for Studying & Brain Power

Roter Oktopus - Allgemeinvernunft? Synonyme Krake Rot/Weiss Rosa Hellrot

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