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Dienstag, 20. September 2022

Call of Reason - Planet Eternity

English Article - the Other Side... 

As All Monsters went to Gain for Yahwe as Satan Titel Spoken - Luzifer & Pensiongod - the Before Christ God... even a Creator Great (6 Consciousness was Big over Millions Knowledgers to built this Planet - Luzifer (roi noir) was Manifested...). There is Spirit over Matter - with no Name - then Names we where the "Herr der Welt" 1 - Jesus 40 Days denied to Become "Mr. of the World" 2. As All Monster went to Gain - the Fight was in ca. 4 Min. Over...

Black Devilz
Purple Devilz for the Beast of Revelation!
Yellow Dangers
Red/Black Lastwords
Grey Foreverz
Brown Construct Berserks


German Sites:

Site German Colors

For a Silent and Eternal Planet?

Song German http://cracker.info/sendung/planet.mp3

Credits erste-a.cracker.info


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