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Freitag, 11. November 2016

R.I.P. Leonard Cohan with the Herosong "First we take Manhatten - then we take Berlin"

R.I.P. - Leonard Cohen died in Dollarleaks after Dollarween Test for the Greenback on 07.11.16 

I remember you forevermore when possible that you lifed for Music
I´ll take it from here. (First Manhatten)
He was a Light in the Darkness.

1.11.-11.11. next Period 2017 Dollarween (Halloween) in Dollarleaks (Veteransday)

Takle the Dollar like the Aries on my Morning-Walk.

In Remembering on Friends in Attitutes like Chales de Gaulle for Gold Standard and Liberty
he took away the Gold from the FED a Hero of Mankind.

Jusque la Temp etait bon - trop publique
Until there it was fine - too much Publicity
Bis dahin war alles gut - zuviel Öffentlichkeit.

For those Heros I open a green Book of Secret Illuminati Societies.

Pour Liberté - for Liberty - für Freiheit

When I don´t know what politically to do I think to consult the FDP (Federel Democratic Party) with Ludwig Erhardt the Father of the social Marketeconomy on my Mind.

Aktuell Vizekanzler Wirtschafts- und Umweltminister Robert Habeck und Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz vor den Vereinten Nationen

Lied  http://cracker.info/sendung/aachen.mp3 Credits erste-a.cracker.info Meine Interpretation & Gedanken Mitschrift sinngemäß: Verdamm...