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Samstag, 4. März 2017

Wave your Flag UNO - Human Rights - Peace and Prosperity - WE ARE NET

Today i ordered my new Flag it is the UNO-Flag - after I trried to manifest a TERRA Attitude with my Song "Terra Lied" and the Manifest:

- Freier Zugang zu jeglichem öffentlichen Wissen [Free public Knowledge Sources]
- Freier Zugang zu Ressourcen wie Wasser, Nahrung, Energie & Wohnen [Free Access to Water, Food, Energy and Living]
- Recht auf freie Rede & Meinung [Free Speech and Opinion]
- Recht auf körperliche Unversehrtheit - außer Notwehr und Nothilfe [Right of Integrity beside of Self-Defense and Expedient]

Only Companionships [Genossenschaft] can do this in my Opinion.

UNONET my wish.

It would be a nice Dream but in Reality I take the UNO-FLAG and hear the World-Hymne...
... in Mention of Resolution 86a.

Proud the Flag will be in my Window for Peace, Togetherness and Prosperity.

Shell be Music Ground of Peace

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