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Dienstag, 17. Mai 2022

Debate on Discord about Politics... Writing for That... Revolution?

 Debate on Discord about Politics... Writing for That... ["English Article"]
[Current German page on the subject ordnung-a.cracker.info]

I made 880 Wood Items to get in touch with Contacts

and get out of Poorness a little bit.


Further revolutionary Thought Songs http://cracker.info/1/2022/02/20/revolutionary-thought-songs/

District own Guards when Tyranny happens after the Independency Declaration

Do you know your representative? To write a Congress-Man. They otherwise don´t even know eventually the Problem.

Human Rights - to be Aware. UNO and who can guarantee it.

Be the Deepstate you want to See. - For a world in which secret courts and reason lead like community. No more psychopaths or lunatics. -

Oligarchy and Human Rights - Strong network, family and community in your district should take effect here.

Nation - People

Country - Government

Land - Place

A free and open society is only as strong as defense at its weakest point.

Social market economy - lines correspondingly copied from the video mentioned below:

Capitalism doesn't work
we need a revolution
how many more wars are to be brought about by this abuse.

Predator Capitalism

An economic system - renewable materials.

What can you do?
1. Find & Share the story (Economic Hitman https://youtu.be/btF6nKHo2i0) behind the story
2. Use community power to set up politics, law and administration
3. Start an organization for region or global state a community which
can occur for common sense - in demands of the target state also in companies

English Debate on Discord about Politics... Writing for That... Revolution?

This Site: https://seth-andreas.blogspot.com/2022/05/debate-on-discord-about-politics.html

(Middle Ages: Holy Roman Empire German Nations Music http://hrrdn.cracker.info)

US Entrance http://us.cracker.info/


Dobblesystem Republic & Network and Familys

Monarchie - Birth
Demokratie Companies - Vote

Creator of Land - Right
Owner - Use

No One is left Behind
All are Equal

Network - Family

In German http://uiiu3.cracker.info


Theory - please only Art Text no Implementation:


A Plan to ... to Overthrow all Republics

Spoken here as MP3 ca. 2 Min: Download or Hear

Google Translation:

Revolutionary text theory - lyrical text - don't do:

News from the underground!

Fight all nations

ber secures borders

net receives the world

God's kingdom of heaven on earth is family rule

This is a revolution - be with us - then we'll be someone again!

We have to overthrow about 200 countries - let's do it.

The republics are now lived internally again by families.

You will not know who sets the pebble in motion.

But it can trigger an avalanche across all peoples, languages, nations and continents.

You conqueror of all nations on earth - long live in all time.

Revolutionaries unite only in unity is strength.

Then again it is important who you are and not where you are employed.

Take away the law - then what is a state but a big gang of thieves.

Anything else would be treason.

We shall succeed under this banner... https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-I7uz-l5BUOM/Xr4mfLm6mCI/AAAAAAAAqM8/ObmYHDtx8UQ7HdtZyBW5v0rkZiqdnj_4gCLcBGAsYHQ/s1600/kaiserreich-4-flagge-schutzgarde-schwarze-krone-mann.jpg Standarte https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-0A5VL_EDQM0/Xr4mfK4eRNI/AAAAAAAAqNA/RcZnhhDojd0_GHiODE7L0j3RMXy-uL5HwCLcBGAsYHQ/s1600/kaiserreich-4-schutzgarde-siegel4-mann.jpg


Original German Art Text: http://cracker.info/1/2020/08/08/um-diesen-revoluzer-text-gab-es-schon-ein-schamuetzel/

Or this New Banner

I´ll be There I SWEAR for Network and Family

My Dual-Republic Thoughts in German http://netordnung.cracker.info

- Truth Videos and Music http://true.cracker.info/

Then Music http://cracker.info/1/2022/02/20/revolutionary-thought-songs/
Then http://us.cracker.info/

In fact, a supplement to the Republic in the Network and Family


German Spoken Erste Ordnung - Order-Ⓐ

Art "Hymn Univers" Order A



eine neue Zeit!



Circle / Family
Shine / Community
Sharpen / Network



wie Ordnung A



Silent golden Pyramid in Middle 

Sign of the Order-A (Network & Family with Republic).


"A Plot against all Republics on Earth
in Lead by Family and Network.
As naturally Alternative
that a Tyranny can´t even Emerge."
What if we Succeeded?

In fact, a supplement to the Republic in the Network and Family

The new theoretical Land
U. I. & I. U.

United Earth

Gathering together from East to the West
the South to the North for being the Best

Oneworld is far they are so many the contests
United as One it has to begun from the Allstart within

They are Many we are few to see what connects us through and through
For Kings and Chiefs on one Planet seem Unity far to be

Internetian the Word for a Collektiv like We today to see
A new People arise like Lions after slumber in unvanquishable number

We´ve been the People we where waiting for our Life
Oh Unity won´t you arrive and Overcome this Time

With God!

Example Video

Andrease - der Drache am Ende bist DU - schon 7 Charakter unseres "Sethgeist" gefunden auf http://exellentgarde.cracker.info

Our Sign too 

HowTo? Revolution will not be Televised. [Here just Art]

triangle now forever! (German cracker.info/ewig)

Triple gear:

3 perceptions
Nature - Overland
Tradition – Myths
Technology - Internet

3 orders
Finger pointing - family
Mouse click - network
Money/Performance - Republic

3 reference persons (ladies) each assigned a symbol and color in almost sacred perpetual order
FIRST - Companion (First acquaintance) - Dearest - Black
PERMANENT - beloved queen (first fiancee) - darling - brown
CURRENT - woman (second fiancé and wife - in Bavaria you only marry once) - Schaschpatzel - green
Called the three darlings - Liebelle - sweetie's music

3 states
Geist - the holy spirit in high (female) and low (male)
God/Human/Person - Half matter with spirit
Matter - objects and earth

3 self-awareness
Waking state - reality - this world
Dream World - Night Experience
Realm of the Dead - Beyond
Remedy: dual employment - focus on second consciousness the distraction

5 hopes
Love with forgiveness and mercy
Family with connection & help
Competition with success & sustainability
Friendship with promise & confirmation
Prosperity with Automation & Leisure
Remedy: Animals, Nature & Items

For social Contacts make Woodcoins http://woodcoins.cracker.info
Internetian as Reserve Idendity http://internetian.cracker.info
A Sign with Future (Luck for me) http://triangular.cracker.info/en/index.html

"A Plot against all Republics on Earth
in Lead by Family and Network.
As naturally Alternative
that a Tyranny can´t even Emerge."
What if we Succeeded?

Künstliche Verknappung und Armhaltung

Lasse mich ungern enteignen und vereitelt wurde eine Überweisung eines kan. Superstars durch auch Familienangehörige auf mein Konto. Tricks ...