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Dienstag, 24. Mai 2022

2020 das Jahr Null

2020 das Jahr Null

eine neue Epoche


Zeitgemäße Rede von reden.cracker.info


Das Ende Terminator 2 Min. https://youtu.be/yr3TS50nNag

United Earth

Gathering together from East to the West

the South to the North for being the Best

Oneworld is far they are so many the contests

United as One it has to begun from the Allstart within

They are Many we are few to see what connects us through and through

For Kings and Chiefs on one Planet seem Unity far to be

Internetian the Word for a Collektiv like We today to see

A new People arise like Lions after slumber in unvanquishable number

We´ve been the People we where waiting for our Life

Oh Unity won´t you arrive and Overcome this Time

From http://cracker.info/sites/oneworld/

United Earth Song Credits erste-a.cracker.info -> http://cracker.info/sendung/unitedearth.mp3

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DER REICHSALTAR [Das Thema soll nur schick und schön an das Kaiserreich erinnern] bis Oneworld

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