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Montag, 30. Mai 2022

Book: THE SOUTH WAS RIGHT - Comments German Reader

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Book: THE SOUTH WAS RIGHT - Comments German Reader 

Written by 

James Ronald Kennedy

Walter Donald Kennedy


Bought the Kindle Online-Book for ca. 5 Euro at Amazon - now what I have so Far for the C.S.A. 

Text in my Words in Short and (andreas:) Comments:

Chapter 1:

A Shadow Government taken control oft the United States

Leftist (neo-Marxist) evil Force ideologues in media, academia, political 

establishment - with fall of Communists - Marxism changend into Neo-Marxists

with progressives, socialists, and other social justice warriors.

They dominate Organizations like the mainline media, digital media, Black

Lives Matter, ANTIFA and other left-of-center organizations.

Everything associated with the traditional, conservative, Bible- Belt South 

hast been demonized by the evil, leftist shadow government that now

controls America´s social and political thinking.

andreas: A new Fascist Socialist America under a shadow Government with 

Adress Washington D.C. - is it still the old East India Company of England?

The evil, leftist shadow government serves as the propaganda center that supports

the Yankee Empire´s genocidal policy toward its captive nation - the

Confederate States of America. 

andreas: Like in Germany a Mind Suppression all old and traditional was like evil.

In Media, Politics, Schools, Words are Demonized.

CSA - Confederate South American

Free Civil Army a Souvereign Southern Army?

Let´s stay calme and patriotic until Day X... let´s take their Tools and

make it Better.

The puppet governments has been broken - the Yankees broke it.

What can the occupied South do about it. Solutions relying on parties 

within the Republic will not be enough to survive as a free people.

andreas: Right - Republic - does not have the Heart or Force -

even Ideology Today that Network and Family combined will has.

This I write for Germany on http://uiiu3.cracker.info

In English a Try https://seth-andreas.blogspot.com/2022/05/debate-on-discord-about-politics.html

... Jump short to the End of the Book


Yankee Empire Where Truth No Longer Matters

"ALL WE NEED TO DO IS to tell the truth about the War."

But the sad an unrecognized truth is that our enemies have

rejected our traditional standard of truth.

Truth as an Agenda like Thinking in a Box.

andreas: Trump was a Sign like for this Fight for Truth in my Opinion.

The Win was Victory for much more than the C.S.A. my Song about it 


Our enemies are known by numerous labels such as, liberal, secular humanist,

neo-Marxist, postmodernist. For a Marxist socialist utopia - philosophical

source and inspiration was Marxism.

andreas: My enemies are here Driven:

- Evil ghosts

- Alien sky

- Alien interests

- envious

- Criminals/Psychos

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White Privelege Or Yankee Privilege?

End of Chapter

andreas: The Domination of Truth or Story-Telling with Persons that are Welcome

within a closed Republic can ermge a new Tyranny and Facism within (Deep State?)

The Yankee Empire belongs to "those people," it is their country and if that

is the way they want to run it, then I for one have no problem with their decision - 

provided they first release their captive nation - the Confederate States of America.

After all - if you can´t leave, you are not free!

--- End ---

andreas: For the independent C.S.A. 

It's time for alternatives

It is time for action

Act Now!

Take part in the network and family order

Revolutionary Thought Songs http://cracker.info/1/2022/02/20/revolutionary-thought-songs/





Poetry andreas:

Gathering together from East to the West
the South to the North for being the Best

Oneworld is far they are so many the contests
United as One it has to begun from the Allstart within

They are Many we are few to see what connects us through and through
For Kings and Chiefs on one Planet seem Unity far to be

Internetian the Word for a Collektiv like We today to see
A new People arise like Lions after slumber in unvanquishable number

We´ve been the People we where waiting for our Life
Oh Unity won´t you arrive and Overcome this Time

Further Site for American-German Friendshipment http://agp.cracker.info/

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