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Montag, 27. November 2017

aljazeera.com with 70 Nations 310 Mio Households Network

They are monking about fb and yt but their Contact-Formular didn´t work in two cases plus the Fax I wanted to send with the Text didn´t work either. They are in the Rich-Man-Hide-Out Countries because of the Struggle for Interest - Quatar either? They are so successful and doesn´t even have an Adress but a PO-BOX.

Had to send my Opinion with a Letter with the following Text:

---Start--- [Korrektur 08.02.2022]
Loose with Stile and Pride Aljazeera Network / for the Chiefredaction

what do we expect over Users on fb and all over the World yt - with 70 Nationalities and TV is that your Broadcasting-Concept for the Future to bash the NET?
Instead of Engaging for Peace and Harmony in this Richman Pride Fight for Interest. Religious Fights are your Network evolving Solutions by this Information Retailing.
Your part of the Old may live the New the NET engaged by everybody who is Part of a better World.
Yours Sincerely
"Internet-Kaiser" http://icasear.it

(English Article) must read

2017 Mitteilung Smartphone Gestattung Ewig
2022 "Das Internet hat jetzt Ewig"
Hossiana dennoch!

By the Way I tried to contact George Soros Alias György Schwartz
Believer in God I mean...
So we didn´t got a Rich-Money-Button but I would follow him - certainly - for Rice that Works worldwide Through! ^


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