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Mittwoch, 9. November 2016

Congratulations Mr. President

Für Hillary Clinton - Ladies first...

Für Donald Trump - Status quo

In Remembering on Marilin Monroe dear President


"Ways come in Reality by a walk" - I want to see my free red color not blue now without Greenback-Dollar. Come together in the Purple Rain... after this Blogarticle and Prince i hear "BeTty Boo - Doing thE d0"

The last Nights I jumped in the Dream to catch a Bird Spider - I wanted to have her for myself I crapped her with my Hands and woke up... look in her beatiful eyes.

Maseltov - Statedollar Greenback is next... to be continued

 I agree to thank the Secret Intelligence for good Work can be Done
and Steve Balmer for WINDOWS worked on TV2 before Pub2 has to come.

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